Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 611

Whether you fly, build, restore or simply enjoy airplanes and aviation, we welcome you to attend our events and join our chapter. We are a group of aviation enthusiasts, aircraft builders, and pilots who get together with like minded people to share ideas, exchange information, encourage safety, serve the local aviation community and have a lot of fun doing so!

Our chapter members range from professional pilots, to students, to men and women who have a passion for aviation.  You don’t have to be a pilot or own a plane to be a member – only an enthusiast.

EAA national in Oshkosh, WI encourages its chapters to help grow our aviation community by building and repairing aircraft, teaching, taking individuals up for first-time flights and getting the community involved.  We host Young Eagle and Eagle flights where first-time fliers get to fly up and are taught how an airplane works and what the control inputs do during flight.  If you are interested in a Young Eagle flight (ages 8-17) or an Eagle flight (ages 18 and up) please contact us.

EAA national doesn’t require our chapter members to be EAA national members but they do encourage it.  All officers of our organization are required to be active EAA national members.

We have over 145 current chapter members and we are located in Gainesville, GA at KGVL – Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport.

Please come to our next meeting or event as our guest.  If you would like to join our chapter, please select the Membership link and print out a member form and a name badge form and either mail them to the address on the form or simply bring them to our next event or meeting.

We currently meet the first Monday of every month at 6:00 PM.  We meet at Mellow Mushroom restaurant or at KGVL at a hangar.  Our meetings include: Food at 6:00 PM and a meeting at 7:00 PM. For more information on our chapter, please contact one of our officers. We look forward to meeting you!

EAA Chapter 611

Gainesville, GA

Info@EAA611.org - www.EAA611.org